Nelly Dragon


Fast forward hypnotism. Nelly Dragon melts an explosive combination of rave and trance aesthetic together with growling machine critters and organic soundscapes. In the downtempo regions, she also knows how to deliver atmospheric and adventurous sets. After having lived in various cities, the Amsterdam-born Nelly Dragon (Mei Oele) has explored different scenes and sounds. Now based in Rotterdam, she profiles herself as a multidisciplinary artist focusing on storytelling through music and photographs. With nature as a major source of inspiration, Nelly merges dark forces into a fluid story with a dense and mysterious atmosphere. She just kicked off her DJ career when the pandemic hit. Luckily many electronic radio collectives, such as Operator Radio, Nous’klaer and Stranded FM, invited her over so the world could still enjoy Nelly’s captivating sets.

Nelly Dragon will perform together with visual artist Leeza Pritychenko.