Light Installation

Specially for FIBER 2021 the artist Boris Acket developed a light scenography inspired by our theme Mutation. ALTERING SEQUENCES is based on spontaneous mutations recurring in biological life forms. These mutations are portrayed by humankind as differentiation sequences of data and mutate in 5 defined ways:


The mutations can either be spontaneous or inflicted. The work manifests in two light sculptures for the spaces: the Concertzaal and the Tuinzaal. These two spaces share a common aesthetic yet they are all carrying their own genetic footprint. In the programming the spontaneous mutations and glitches are combined with more meditative interludes and will be subjected to their own kind of sequence. The two alternating sequences are connected by hallways lit in dim grow lights. Come and experience it yourself when the twilight falls.



About the artist
Boris Acket is an Amsterdam-based audiovisual artist, musician, media scenographer and programmer. His work is situated at the intersection of architecture, light and sound, evoking otherworldly experiences in visitors. Acket translates conceptual notions into immersive, multi-sensory experiences: technology, space, light, and sound all form a prism in which specific themes or subjects are explored and rematerialized. Commissioned by FIBER, Acket developed a light scenography for the Tolhuistuin garden programme in line with the event’s theme Mutation. Come and experience it yourself when the twilight falls.

His works & performances have been presented at NXT Museum, Lowlands, Amsterdam Dance Event, De School, Down The Rabbit Hole, Wildeburg, Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ, Van Gogh Museum, Frame Lab & DGTL Festival and featured on Designboom, Resident Advisor, Volkskrant, NRC, Parool, Subbacultcha and 3voor12.