Deborah Mora

Live A/V

Deborah Mora’s artistic practice brings into play more-than-human perspectives, exploring notions of memory and preservation, rewilding and resilience, transience and grieving. Moving away from the distinctions between nature, culture and technology, she researches how ephemeral objects and experiences are preserved and how they perpetuate in the digital era. She focuses on nature processes and environments, as well as (human) cultural artefacts, languages and myths. Unfolding untold stories, giving voice to the unheard and disclosing different ways of experiencing and sensing the mediated world are quests in Deborah’s work.

Her practice shifts between the play of digital aesthetics, technological translations, storytelling and meditative rituals, researching how these materialities could acquire new immersive, sensorial qualities and create new languages of expression.

Deborah will perform live visuals during Woody92’s set.