Jonathan Castro

Live A/V

During FIBER 2021 Jonathan Castro will present “Isodensity”, a new live A/V set in which he crafts, assembles and reassembles sound pieces of “mismatched parts” from field recordings, electronic and non-electronic sounds, instruments and devices, exploring the relation of man-made activities versus nature and the mutations of this phenomena. On top of that Castro is globally praised for his visual practice, in which nature, material utopias, identity, and digitalisation meet each other. His work oscillates between the real and the fictional, blurring boundaries between what is and what could be possible. 

In his latest performance, he shares new material for an upcoming new release, in which he explores poetic and dark territories highlighting a shift from certainty towards the unknown. Here he navigates through soundscapes reminiscent of everyday noises that oscillate between natural, man-made and technological phenomena.

Castro has presented projects in many different settings from exhibitions, festivals, magazines and clubs. He has been collaborating with numerous artists and created for, amongst others, Boiler Room, 032c, Nike China, Hypebeast China, Studio Dumbar, Metahaven, Pinkman Records, Mannequin Records, Clone Records, Fake NYC, Pantropical, Клуб, Berghain, among others.