Ibelisse Guardia Ferragutti

Live performance

Ibelisse Guardia Ferragutti performs Ujuchpacha – Underworld, a sonic and physical performance wherein the sound field functions as a reclamation of ancestral voices. It labours on the re-collection of subcutaneous and subterranean intelligence in order to rise and dance while vanishing in that territory altogether. 

Ujuchpacha, or the Andean Underworld, is a forgotten speculative realm where ancestral allegorical fiction is mixed with performative trance. In this performance, we invite the Underworld to the surface to play with us, in order to be re-imagined, re-voiced and re-danced. From the forgotten cracks the singing bones submerge with the help of electronic, non-electronic, voice and physical mediums in a composition that stems from a sensorial-story-telling point of view.

About the artist

Performer, vocalist, musician and shapeshifter, Ibelisse explores her interdisciplinary artistic practice in between those spaces. Where she acknowledges those mediums as territories that invite for sonic and performative embodiment. She was born in Bolivia, grew up in Brazil and resides in Amsterdam where she actively works in the fields of performance art and music. 

Ibelisse further developed her work and performance as part of FIBER’s Reassemble Lab.