Camille Barton


Camille Barton is an interdisciplinary artist, educator, DJ and embodiment researcher, who uses afrofuturism to imagine creative interventions towards systems change. Their art practice weaves dance, ritual, film, sonic healing and cultural production. Camille is the artistic director and main booker for Emergent Bass, an event series celebrating the Afro Diaspora influence in electronic music and underground club culture. They also serve ritual bass as DJ AfroOankali, playing a hypnotic blend of low end frequencies and polyrhythms which honours the healing potential of bass music. 

In 2020 the Amsterdam-based artist directed The Grief Portal, a sci-fi inspired short film, commissioned by Performing Borders Live and Counterpoints Arts, exploring how grieving can be generative. Camille’s work was also featured in the VPRO documentary, The Post Racist Planet.

Camille is the head of Ecologies of Transformation (2021 – 2023), a temporary masters programme at Sandberg Institute, exploring how art making and embodiment can facilitate social change. Camille also works as an advisor for MAPS, ensuring that psychedelic assisted therapies will be accessible to global communities (POC) most harmed by the war on drugs.