Grow Your Own Cloud (Remote)


For a few thousand years, human beings have worked to separate themselves from nature. Seeing things from an anthropocentric perspective has led to humanity positioning itself as a species apart, wielding dominion over a planetary system causing the estrangement – and critical damage – to grow ever wider. Through Grow Your Own Cloud, a team of artists and researchers imagine what the world might be like if humans saw the true value of the ecosystems that have formed over millions of years and the underlying technologies inherent in the biological systems around us.

Grow Your Own Cloud works with data as a material and nature as a technology. This centres on exploring how DNA data storage methods can bring about a new materiality around data, to inspire and imagine futures in which data is a sustainable and public resource. By combining the latest in biotechnology, genetic science, interaction design, and ecological ethics, they provide alternative ways to archive dirty data by working in collaboration with other organisms. They promote clean data futures and seek to alleviate the threat of ‘Data Warming’.