Maggie Roberts (Remote)


Multimedia artist Maggie Roberts co-founded the collective 0rphan Drift in 1994. They are currently collaborating with Etic Lab to develop ISCRI. ISCRI is an exploratory artistic, scientific and technological project that experiments in interspecies communication between an octopus and an AI, mediated by humans. ISCRI is partnered by the Serpentine Gallery and UCL’s Creative AI Lab.  

Recent 0rphan Drift exhibitions include May the Other Live in Me at Moscow’s Laboratoria Art and Science (2021); IF AI / AIBOHPORTSUALC (2020) and If AI were Cephalopod, both at Telematic Gallery San Francisco (Artforum’s Critic’s Choice, 2019) and Still I Rise: Feminisms, Gender and Resistance Nottingham Contemporary (2018).