Victoria McKenzie (Remote)


Victoria McKenzie is an Eco-warrior, academic-activist, dance-artist, choreographer and writer based in London, England. She is currently a PhD candidate at UCL (University College London), where she works at the intersections of Ecofeminism, Black study, post-colonial thought, climate discourse and philosophies of being. 

Victoria has worked with various organisations on the connections between art, politics and ecology which includes Forensic Architecture, Amisacho Restoracíon, ICE Institute for Creative Exchange, Adjaye Associates Architecture and Dancemaker’s Centre for Creation. She also teaches an MA course called the “Ecological Self” based in the Ecologies of Transformation department at the Sandberg Instituut. 

In 2019 Victoria travelled to the Ecuadorian Amazon to utilise her background in both permaculture and mycology, where she acted as Project Lead and consultant for ongoing fungal mycoremedial projects of toxic soil and oil spills caused by Chevron-Texaco on Indigenous lands.