Anthropocene Monsters [2021]

Video Installation

Now that human industrial activity has reached into the capillaries of the planet – and a new era has dawned with the proposed name Anthropocene – humans are faced with monstrous changes of environment and unexpected and weird mutations of life and matter.

For FIBER 2021 the artist Timaeus created a new version of his video installation Anthropocene Monsters. Inspired by the work of science fiction writer Jeff Vandermeer, the artist often explores the ‘Anthropocene monster of the 21st century’, referring to the horrors humans have created by grossly interfering with earth’s ecosystems. Monsters ask us why we have created them. The figure of the monster may thus be used to question, disturb, and alter the conventions it helps us to analyse. With this video installation the artist presents us a series of monsters from leftovers of 21st century crises. 

By 3D scanning and putting together leftovers of these issues that surround us daily, Timaeus speculates what the monsters of our time could look like. Through the usage of body movement and linking this with motion capture data, the objects start to live. 


About the artist
Timaeus (Tim van Hooft) is a cross-disciplinary creative and artist based in Rotterdam. His artistic practice focuses on speculative, visual narratives and imagery that derive from future-oriented thinking and altered realities. Timaeus is fascinated by myths, folklore, fantasy and futurism, and uses these topics as a starting point for visual explorations. He specialises in digital media and works across a variety of outputs within the human computer interaction field. He often collaborates with DJs, music labels and producers.

For FIBER 2021 Timaeus developed a new version of Anthropocene Monster. The sound design accompanying Timaeus’ installation is created by Yopo.