Workshop — The Rivers’ Journey: A Guided River Interaction


Part 1 — Thursday 28/10 | 13:00 – 15:00 CEST
Part 2 — Rivers Field Trip (time and place determined individually by participants)
Part 3 — Saturday 30/10 | 11:00 – 12:00 CEST

Participation: Free (online)

This is a collaborative river understanding workshop. Semi fictional, half reality. We, the All River Species Act Organisation, take you on a journey through legal frameworks, AI and indigenous philosophies to recognize and relate to non-human life, in order to better know the river. You will travel to a river near you, there you will be guided by our river spirits through a series of experiences which will expand your and our understanding of what a river can be. Through your responses and work in the field you will become better acquainted with rivers and contribute towards the All Rivers Species Act project, helping to expand our understanding of rivers globally.

For this workshop we encourage participants to find a river that they can easily access during the festival. If you are not able to access a river please look out for a man made body of water or a place where a river or body of water used to exist near you.

Participants will need a way to document their river experience in either sound, video or image – a smartphone is ideal, a sound recorder or camera would also be good.

This workshop consists of three parts.

About the artists

Jemma Woolmore (NZ)

Jemma Woolmore’s art practice explores the spatial and emotional possibilities of light, sound and image in immersive and performative environments. She crafts abstract worlds that fluctuate ambiguously in scale between the micro and macro, responding intuitively with sound and environment and blurring the boundaries between real and virtual. Her practice explores the possibilities for story telling and world building using audio-visual performance and immersive installation. Her artwork is shown internationally, with recent presentations at Gropius Bau Berlin (DE), Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal (CA), Mass MOCA (USA), MIRA festival (ES), Mapping festival (CH), Sonos Studio (USA), Node festival (DE). She is a New Zealand artist, who is based in Berlin.



Nayeli Vega (MX)

Nayeli Vega is a designer and artist born in Mexico City living and working in Berlin. Her work is a hybrid practice in physical and digital space that focuses on re imagining the role and function of technology in discussing environmental and social issues of the past, present, and future.Vega earned her master’s in Textile and Surface Design from the Weißensee Academy of Art in Berlin. In 2021, she is one of the holders of the Elsa Neumann scholarship of the State of Berlin.She is co-founder and member of Lacuna Lab e.V., an international artist collective and association located in Kreuzberg, Berlin, which brings together a wide range of hybrid practices at the intersection of art and technology.