Installations at Tolhuistuin
28 — 30 Oct


Hybrid Ecosystems (2021)
Entangled Others Studio (Sofia Crespo & Feileacan McCormick)

At first glance, digital images and virtual worlds – as produced by computational processes – are seen as separate from our physical world. We tend to see the man-made, or artificial, as divided from the natural world. In reality, virtual systems are inextricably linked to a material origin of computers, data, servers, infrastructure and the energy they require. The video installation Hybrid Ecosystems was created by developing an artificial intelligence trained on both natural and technological objects. The self-learning system now produces its own reimagination of what such a hybrid ecosystem could look and sound like. 

FIBER 2021 exhibits an immersive audiovisual installation of the ongoing project

Sound by Alejandro Mune.




Becoming a Sentinel Species (2020),
Sissel Marie Tonn (DE)

‘Becoming a Sentinel Species’ is a fictional story imagining a future in which humans explore and reflect on the role of the sentinel as an eye witness to environmental pollution. The film follows two researchers who experimentally introduce microplastics collected from the sea into their own bodies. In order to “become sentinels” they isolate macrophages from blood and contaminate them with microplastics in a laboratory setting. The story takes a turn as the researchers discover that this encounter between the macrophages and microplastics may have profound neurophysiological consequences.


Boris Acket (NL)
Light Scenography & Installation

Specially for FIBER 2021 the artist Boris Acket developed a light scenography inspired by our theme Mutation. ALTERING SEQUENCES is based on spontaneous mutations recurring in biological life forms. These mutations are portrayed by humankind as differentiation sequences of data and mutate in 5 defined ways:


The mutations can either be spontaneous or inflicted. The work manifests in two light sculptures for the spaces: the Concertzaal and the Tuinzaal.

Boris Acket is an Amsterdam-based audiovisual artist, musician, media scenographer and programmer. His work is situated at the intersection of architecture, light and sound, evoking otherworldly experiences in visitors.





Anthropocene Monster (2021)
Timaeus (NL)
Video installation

Timaeus (Tim van Hooft) will combine two of his existing works into one immersive video installation. The artist often explores the ‘Anthropocene monster of the 21st century’, referring to the horrors humans have created by grossly interfering with earth’s ecosystems. His artistic practice focuses on speculative, visual narratives and imagery that derive from future-oriented thinking and altered realities.

Timaeus is fascinated by myths, folklore, fantasy & futurism, and uses these topics as a starting point for visual explorations. He specialises in digital media and works across a variety of outputs within the human computer interaction field.

For FIBER 2021 Timaeus developed a new version of ‘Anthropocene Monster’. The sound design accompanying Timaeus’ installation is created by Yopo.