Replay FIBER 2021

Recap FIBER 2021

Videography & Edit: Tanja Busking
Second videographer: Abdou Azzar
Visual Identity: Leeza Pritychenko & Irene Stracuzzi

Tracks: Torus – Sound Of The Drums | object blue – Closed Open | Jonathan Castro – Remnants | Torus – 40ac | When The Sunrise (Instrumental-version) – Sivan Talmor (Stock via Artlist) | Artefakt – Days Bygone | interbellum – hunting \\ dear | Artefakt – Cambium | Torus – Like The Night


Replay all the seven sessions

All recordings of the FIBER 2021 lecture programme are now online! We are honoured to have worked with our guests and published seven sessions with a total of sixteen speakers. Revisit the beautiful garden hall of the Tolhuistuin.

In line with our theme of Mutation, we got to know the work of digital culture makers and researchers who operate at the intersection of art, design, hacking, performance art and science. They discussed topics like mental and physical care, disclosing toxicity, fighting for body autonomy, and challenged our ideas about what nature is (and could be).

Get to know the unique works of a wide range of speakers who offer us perspectives and tell us stories of an alternative future of our living environments.

Jump to YouTube straight away via the links below, or browse on this page.

Talk Session 1: Mutant Making

Saša Spačal & Orit Halpern
Artistic operations in more-than-human metabolisms

Talk Session 2: Xeno Futures

Adriana Knouf & Mary Maggic
Breaking down barriers with biohacking, technology and speculation

Talk Session 3: Melting Mind & Body

Camille Barton & Victoria McKenzie
Breaking boundaries with embodied art, activism and the psyche

Talk Session 4: If This Is Our End, What Then?

Thomas D. Moynihan & Alison Sperling
How to move forward during the sixth extinction?

Talk Session 5: There’s No Such Thing As Nature

Leanne Wijnsma & Grow Your Own Cloud
Towards a new understanding of interconnectedness

Talk Session 6: Mutant Myths Worlds

Sahej Rahal & Ibelisse Guardia Ferragutti + Erik Peters
What if stories could challenge the fabric of our existence?

Talk Session 7: Strange Relations

Maggie Roberts + Stephanie Moran & Špela Petrič
Exploring interspecies communication through AI and the arts

Mutation Stream | Film Programme

Exploring the boundaries between morphed forms of being

Watch now! Our ‘Mutation Stream’ online film programme, with 23 talented artists from around the globe. It encompasses a selection of experimental films and video art, which explores the boundaries between morphed forms of being, between familiar and unfamiliar realms, between constant ecological and technological changes and the abnormal consequences these changes can bring.

Streaming from November 13 till November 29, so don’t miss it.



Sara Bonaventura (SG), Vincent Rang (NL), Ella Yolande Porter (UK), Sara Bonaventura (IT), Ben Kreukniet (NL) & Steven McInerney (UK), Dalena Tran (US), Rodrigo Faustini & João Pedro Firemann (BR), Robert Seidel (DE), Van der Kritz (ARG), Sabina Scorțanu (MD), Xenia Obukhovskaya (FR), Joshua Ashish Dawson (US), Yiğit Tanel Kaçar (TR), Paulius Sliaupa (LT), Astrid Feringa (NL) & Jean-Baptiste Castel (FR), Mary Farwy (SY), Axel Schoterman, Shrey Kathuria & Prerit Jain (IN), Sebastiaan Smink (NL) & Rowena Wyles (UK), Wouter Stroet (NL), Arnaud Laffond (FR), Gabrielle Rossi (IT), Rebeka Mór (NL), Andrea Galano Toro (CL).